Application to competition

Athlete Eligibility


All entered athletes in the Szczecin 2018 World Shooting Para Sport Grand Prix must be licensed by the final entry deadline. Athlete entries not meeting this criterion will be rejected by World Shooting Para Sport.


Authorized Organization for Entry Registration

All athletes must be entered by their respective NPC’s or authorized organisations by the NPC and accepted by World Shooting Para Sport.

Entry Restrictions

Maximum Number of athlete per NPC per Event

The maximum entry per NPC is four (4) ‘full’ participants per event (athletes eligible to progress to the final, and to obtain records and ranking).

NPCs may additionally enter an unlimited number of ‘MQS-only’ athletes (athletes are eligible to obtain qualification scores to be recognized for MQS, but cannot progress to the event final or obtain records or rankings). However, in case of insufficient firing points this number may be restricted by World Shooting Para Sport, in a timely manner.

When entering more than 4 athletes to an event via the Online Entry System, the NPC should contact World Shooting Para Sport after making the online entries, confirming which athletes are to be entered as ‘full’ entry and which as ‘MQS-only’.

Maximum number of starts per Event

The maximum number of starts per event is the number of athlete entries that can be accepted per event; this calculation is based upon range capacity and the competition schedule.

If the maximum number of starts is reached during the Final Entry Process: (1) the number of ‘MQS-only’ entries may be limited to allow space for entry of ‘full’ participants; (2) a ‘waiting list’ may be established, and in case of subsequent entry cancellations, entries from the waiting list will be accepted on a first-come- first-served basis.

Late Entries

Late Entry Requests (submitted after the Final Entry by Name deadline) will only be considered if they are received by World Shooting Para Sport no later than three (3) days before the official arrival day (ISSF Rule

Such entries may be accepted at the discretion of the LOC and World Shooting Para Sport; however a Late Entry Fee of EUR 50 will be charged per additional athlete entered.

Entry Changes

Replacement entries may be accepted in the same event only due to injury or medical reason. The NPC must submit support documents to World Shooting Para Sport office for approval. The Organizing Committee must also approve if such late changes can be accommodated (e.g. firearms import arrangements).

Substitution of an athlete (in a team event only) by another athlete already registered in that event can be made not later than 30 minutes before the scheduled start time for that event (ISSF Rule 6.6.5.b), but only if the requested change does not cause any conflict with ISSF Rules 6.6.6.g (if more than one relay is used in team competitions, then team members must be distributed equitably between the relays) and therefore 6.6.5.a (Start lists with firing point and relay allocations must be published and distributed not later than 16:00 hrs on the day before Pre-Event Training for any event).

Online Entry Process

The online entry system can be accessed via the following link:

The log-in details are the same username and password used for the SDMS account.

If you do not have access to the SDMS/Online Entry System, please contact your NPC. The NPC will be able to make the online entry on your behalf.

Registration deadlines

The Registration deadlines (midnight ‘Bonn-time’ on the dates given) for the competition shall be as follows:

31 January 2018 First Entry (by number) Deadline, via the World Shooting Para Sport Entry System (

NPCs must submit the total number of athletes and team officials participating, and the number of entries estimated per individual and team event.

01 February 2018 Opening of the Final Entry (by name), via the World Shooting Para Sport Entry System (
28 February 2018 Final Entry (by name) Deadline, including submission of the Final Entry Booking Forms (including Accommodation, Travel information and Firearms information) and visa support form (if applicable).
09 – 11 April 2018 Deadline to pay the full registration fee.(Fees must be paid to the Organizer upon arrival at the competition.)

Final Entry Booking Form

In order to make your necessary accommodation booking, and ensure transport and accreditation for your team, you must submit your Final Entry Booking Form by the final entry deadline (28 February 2018) to the LOC (on BOTH e-mails: & and World Shooting Para Sport (

The Final Entry Booking Form must contain the following, fulfilled information for your team:

Page 1: Accreditation List;

Page 2: Accommodation Booking Request;

Page 3: Transport Information;

Page 4: Firearms and Ammunition Information.